Logistics & packagings

The collaboration with the best international transport agencies and forwarders allows us to offer flexible and high customizable solutions.

The bureaucratic support offered by Brusa team includes:
– customs operations,
– documentation for legalizations,
– health and origin certificates,
– quality declarations

Bulk products are shipped via:

Food Tank
Insulated tanks at room temperature or controlled temperature

Capacity: from 240 to 300 Hl
tank container
Shippable by land, rail or sea.

Capacity: from 240 to 270 Hl
Palletised container in food-grade plastic, ideal for short-term use.
The product can also be supplied pasteurised (but not aseptic).

Capacity: 1000 Lt
Aseptic drum
Drum containing aseptic food bag

Capacity: 220 Lt or 280 Kg
Bag In Box
Ideal to avoide processing scraps or suitable for those food productions that require small quantities

Capacity 10 Lt